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Saturday, July 22, 2017



ANNE LUCERO- 2004 Recipient

anne_lucero_awardAnne Lucero was born on April 15, 1924 in Trujillo Creek, Colorado in the home she still lives in today. The home is over 100 years old! Her parents were Dario Quintana and Fidelia Lave. They were descendants of the early settlers of Trujillo Creek - Blas Felipe De Jesus Quintana and Maria Dolores Bustos (sister of Maria Ramona Bustos, wife of Juan De Jesus Vigil). Her maternal grandparents were Andres Lave and Candelaria Romero. When Candelaria passed away, Andres married Maximana Martinez. They had four children: Santitos, Casimira, Josephina, and Miguel "Mike" Lave. Miguel was named after his grandfather who served in the Civil War in New Mexico, signing in at Ft. Union. He served at the same time and place as Juan De Jesus Vigil.

Anne was educated in the Las Animas County public schools and graduated from Aguilar High School in 1942. She graduated during a very hard time of her life and the history of our country. It was in the middle of World War II. Her first job, after graduation, was with Bains Clothing Store in Walsenburg, Colorado where she earned the grand total of $9 per week. She remained with Bains for two years. In search of a better paying job, she moved to Denver, where she worked at St. Anthony's Hospital for the first month while trying to get a better position and also, at the same time, getting to know the big city of Denver. The National Biscuit Company was her next job for the next two and a half years.

After her work with the National Biscuit Company in Denver, she returned to the Trujillo Creek area and attended Trinidad College to prepare herself for a teaching career. She taught for one year at the Ortiz Primary School in Las Animas County. Anne then returned to teach at the primary school in Trujillo Creek for one year. She moved to Pueblo, where she taught for an additional two years. And finally, again, returned to the Trujillo Creek to continue teaching.

In 1950, Anne married Lucas Lucero. Their son, Gordon, was born March 22, 1952 in Pueblo, Colorado. In order to stay home to raise her son, Gordon, she developed a home-based cottage business that centered around floral design. From the late 1960's through the 1980's, she returned to substitute teaching in the Trujillo Creek area. Her husband, Lucas, passed away on December 13, 1991. Prior to that, she also took care of her parents. Her father, Dario, passed away on March 31, 1969; two years later, her mother, Fidelia, passed away on February 27, 1971.

"They are like a mighty skyscraper reaching out to the sky.
From miles away they are visible to the small human eye..."

The above quote is taken from Anne's poem entitled The Huajatollas. Anne was always fascinated by words and the putting together of words to write narratives, poems, and stories. She was further inspired by the young servicemen returning from Word War II, the Korean War, and the Viet Nam War, who were coming back home to Trujillo Creek in search of their roots and the history of their ancestors. These young people wanted to know how their parents and grandparents made a living and how they survived in an isolated area with no industry and/or jobs. Those questions gave her inspiration and brought about her book, Trujillo Creek In Early Days in 1976. Since then, she has continued her writing and is credited with a collection of poems entitled, Emphasis. She stated that the inspiration for the now famous Huajatolla poem came from her travels to and from the Trujillo Creek area. The site of these majestic mountains is ever present in her life as she lives just below the foot of the east peak of the Huajatollas (Spanish Peaks).

In summarizing her long productive, positive, creative, caring, and spiritual life, she states, "It has been a very wonderful and satisfying life, a happy life for the most part and I want to continue to serve our Creator and His creations. I want to be of service to him at all times."

Therefore, it is with great pride, honor, and love that we present the 2005 Juan De Jesus Vigil Family Reunion Life-Time Achievement.

Award to Anne Lucero, in recognition and appreciation for a life time of service, spiritual devotion, family values, and sharing her gift of writing about the land of our fathers. Her contributions to the family will go down in history among the best we had to offer.

Respectfully submitted,

Juan Enrique Vigil
Son of Jose Alberto Vigil
Grandson of Manuel Vigil
Great grandson of Juan De Jesus Vigil
July 23, 2005

(C) 2015 Juan De Jesus Vigil Foundation | Thornton, CO