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Saturday, July 22, 2017


Going to a Reunion
By: Dennis Hattan 4/26/05

Going to a reunion to meet family members
Whom I may have never met before.

We have something in common that began long ago
That makes us related forever more.

It is my distant grandmother and my distant grandfather.
A couple with much pride to share.

It is also their distant grandmother and distant grandfather.
Which brings them to this affair.

Our grandparents had children, who also had children
The family it keeps growing on.

So if I have not met you do not be afraid
I am your distant cousin.

If for just one moment in time our grand parents could see
I am with you and you are with me

We are with them and they are with others
Mothers and Fathers and Sisters and Brothers

Aunt's, Uncles, cousins and of course spouses too
Came here to see me and also to see you

We are all together celebrating our lives
And how we are all related to each other

It must be God's will to bring us all here
To see this beautiful family together

So let's be respectful and let's all get along
Make this reunion one that will not soon be forgotten

The Lord is watching, let's make him proud.

(C) 2015 Juan De Jesus Vigil Foundation | Thornton, CO